Bat Acoustic Monitoring Visualization Tool
(a companion to BatAMP)

Bat Acoustic Monitoring Visualization Tool

Acoustic Monitoring

is essential for helping study and conserve bats in North America.

Throughout North America, bats are the primary predators of nocturnal flying insects, providing millions of dollars in pest control services annually. Bats occur in nearly every habitat on the continent, from high elevation alpine forests to deserts and neighborhoods within our largest cities.

Because bats fly in the dark of night, it is challenging to understand their behaviors and monitor their population status.

To get around this challenge, biologists use bat detectors to better understand bat ecology. These devices record the echolocation calls of nearby bats, and combined with specialized software and expert knowledge, biologists can often identify bat species from these detections. Biologists deploy these detectors for one or more nights at locations across the continent throughout the year, and may monitor presence or activity of various bat species each night.

Progress so far:

  • 30,422,141 total bat detections
  • 6,367,242 detections of 37 species
  • 248,068 nights monitored during 19 years
  • 4,746 detectors operated by 201 contributors across 44 states and provinces

Bat Acoustic Monitoring Portal

This application is a companion to the Bat Acoustic Monitoring Portal (BatAMP).

BatAMP provides a central platform where biologists can upload their detection data in order to better understand the distribution, seasonal movement patterns, and population status of bats across North America. These data are then compiled for visualization within this tool.

Learn more about how to contribute data to BatAMP.

Bat Acoustic Monitoring Visualization Tool

This application enables you to explore bat monitoring data for 37 species across North America, allowing you to explore seasonal trends in species detections and explore bat activity for a particular location.

Explore detailed monitoring data for each of the species included in this application. Each species has a dedicated visualization page that enables you to:

  • explore seasonal trends in activity or detections for different locations around North America.
  • explore locations where the species has been detected compared to areas where the species was not detected.
  • filter the data to explore trends for a given state or province as well as a given time period or season. You are able to combine multiple filters for season, year, state / province, and more.
  • view detailed detection information for each bat detector.

Explore occurrence data aggregated across all species within this application. This allows you to:

  • explore trends in species co-occurrence.
  • see how many species have been detected at a given location based on sampling effort.
  • explore which species are detected in particular regions simply by zooming the map to the area you are interested in.
  • identify species mis-identification and information gaps.
Note: due to the methods involved in identifying echolocation calls to species, some species may be mis-identified may be present in the data used by this application. You should be particularly cautious with detections that are well outside the known range for the species.

Made possible by contributors like you

This application leverages the combined efforts of 201 contributors and would not be possible without their hard work. Together, these contributors have collected over 30,422,141 bat detections on 248,068 nights using 4,746 detectors, and they have collected 6,367,242 detections of at least 37 species.

Top contributors
sort:species detectionsbat detectionsnights monitoreddetectorsspecies detected
Montana NHP
3,047,074 detections
on 66,293 nights
using 184 detectors.

8 species detected.
48%of detections
Kevin Heist
1,640,748 detections
on 33,168 nights
using 273 detectors.

14 species detected.
26%of detections
Karen Blejwas
299,539 detections
on 42,111 nights
using 186 detectors.

6 species detected.
5%of detections
Corinna Pinzari
239,861 detections
on 13,579 nights
using 32 detectors.

1 species detected.
4%of detections
Jenny Barnett
177,544 detections
on 4,816 nights
using 19 detectors.

13 species detected.
3%of detections
Trevor Peterson
147,286 detections
on 17,350 nights
using 38 detectors.

5 species detected.
2%of detections

And Jason Unruh, Paul Burger, Ted Weller, Samantha Marcum, Zack Steel, Tom Malloy, Michael O'Farrell, Shawn Thomas, Jared Tomie, Dirk Gard, Christine Swanson, Susan Loeb, Todd Mabee, Brian Heeringa, Cris Hein, Gail Collins, Miguel Ordenana, Liz Revette, Joseph Danielson, Burger Paul, Roger Rodriguez, Bryan Hamilton, Jeff Mach, Les Gyug, Aaron Haines, Jennifer Krauel, Penny Hunter, Erin Baerwald, Rahel Sollman, Becky Abel, Abby Tobin, Dave Miller, Bill Tietje, Katrina Schultes, Phillip Huber, Carol Joseph, Mark Enders, Frank McLaughlin, Scott Osborn, Dylan Rhea-Fournier, Leighlan Prout, Jeffrey Clerc, Tim Catton, Mike O'Farrell, Toby Negrin, Susan Sims, Brian Meyerriecks, Catherine Johnson, Drew Stokes, Nadine Hergenrider, Gary Kolesar, Ella Rowan, Tracy Grazia, Peggy Plass, Kelsey Ekholm, Kathleen Slocum, Aaron Sidder, Barbara Erlandson, Clarissa Starbuck, Katrina Smith, David Delmonte, Philip Huber, Kellie Roussos, Rachel Blakey, Steven Zanoni, Jeremy Cable, Kary Schlick, Todd Russell, Christina Akins, Robin Garwood, Maria Immel, Pamela Thurston, Jocelyn Perez, Janie Agyagos, Jeannine Sibley, Sue Fox, Pete Johnston, Richard Dulik, Rick Dulik, Steve Anderson, Diana Eck, Carla De Julio, Todd Johnson, Janae Thomas, Crissy Bellandi, Bonnie Doggett, Andy and Isaiah Eastlake, Richard Winstead, Nancy Kelly, James McRacken, Jonathan Kauffman, Theresa Davidson, Theresa Lowe, Jeremy Mears, Masako Wright, Devon Green, Gordon Watts, Ned Lockwood, Mylea Bayless, Cassandra Marszal, Kevin Edwards, Jessica Ilse, Jason Kelton, Linda Angerer, Michael Steck, Claudio Biltoc, Monte Kuk, Damon Haan, Todd Russel, Ashley Egan, Tina Greenwalt, John Ellis, Lauren Michelsen, Susan Yasuda, Donald DeBolt, Amanda Gehrt, Kristin Henderson, Sean Vander Hoek, April Damanti, Paul Kreingold, Jeff Jewkes, Jennifer Gatlin, Lauren Hoyle, Michael Huhndorf, Tom Rickman, Dennis Arakelian, Christopher Hulbert, Rhonda Stewart, Jen House, Pam Nankervis, Colin & June Choo, Almeta Helmig, Jeff Cordes, Jamie Bettaso, Donald Solick, Damon Cable, Samuel Schratz, Coye Burnett, Barb Smith, Colin Choo, Ann Berkley, Anthony Gray, Matt Lau, Mark Vukovich, john White, Stephanie Rainey, Monty Sea, Mary and Dave Greene, Cheron Ferland, Suzanne DeRosier, Phil Huber, Bill Gorewich, Mony Sea, Jessup Weichelt, Todd Stewart, John White, Roxanne Howe, Ivana Noell, Jenni Jeffers, Brett Hillman, Hulbert Christopher, Jane VanGunst, Jason Dungan, Megan Solus, Nicole Besler, Brooklyn Reardon, Timothy Catton, Francisco Anaya, Jennifer House, Gregory Flood, Nicole Shutt, Kate Yates, Jane Van Gunst, Karen Blewjas, Greg Flood, Ivan Yates, Ryan Kaldari, Angelica Mendoza, peggy Plass, Janet Tyburec, Kristen Warren, Keith VanGorden, Thomas Ryon, Robin Eliason, Bronwyn Hogan, Dana Smith, Kyle Crafts, Chris Frauenhofer, Debbie Langenfeld, Leila Harris, Bethany Schulze, Bill Haas, Heather Gates, Carly Wickhem, Susan Broderick.